3 Side Seal Bag

Measured in 2 dimensions (W/L), heat-sealable, stapled tied, taped closed – good for foods, medical items, agriculture, electronics, etc. – bags can come in rollstock.

On flat barrier bags there isn’t a bottom gusset so these cannot stand however many clients will choose this type of pouch packaging and add a hang hole as flat barrier bags work very well as part of a display with pegs or they just lay them down.

To be clear, flat barrier bags can certainly hold more than 1 pound and have printing as good as stand up pouches and other product packaging, however since they can only hang or lay flat they provide limited retail options. Options for flat 3 side seal pouch packaging range from ziplocks and tear notches and hang holes.

Three Side Seal bags for retail are perfect for smaller items less than 1 pound such as spices and ingredients or even pet treats and non-food items such as chemicals.