There is mounting public pressure on brand owners and retailers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. Brand owners are responding to consumers’ environmental concerns in several ways.

These include:

Light weighting, reducing material usage without impairing pack performance.

Using more recycled and recyclable polymers in packaging.

Investigating the use of bioplastic packaging.


In efforts to create a compostable, biodegradable alternative to plastics which lasts just as long, the likes of polypropylene, polyolefin and polyethylene are recyclable and meet sustainability standards – providing a sustainable packaging solution for the future.

With the added benefit of using less energy to manufacture and transport, this type of flexible packaging also creates fewer greenhouse gases on route to market. As a result, this could boost customer appeal in the market, particularly for Millennial and Gen Z consumers, who are more likely to buy from brands and companies who take steps to reduce their environmental and ecological footprint.