Types of packaging



Flexible Films are varied in their polymer makeup for foods, but include PE (polyethylene, LLDPE (low linear-density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PET (polyester) and more. These are often used to pack foods to improve shelf-life and protect the contents from exterior elements including moisture, oxygen, light and other contaminants.

Standup Pouch

Pouches are versatile packages that can stand upright on shelves, have airtight closures, are easy to pack and place on store shelves, feature significant visibility capabilities and are fully customizable.

Eco friendly options

We have developed a product strategy that includes sustainable packaging platforms. This encompasses a portfolio of sustainable structures that use renewable and recycled content, as well as maximizing design opportunities for source reduction and an optimal end-of-life condition.

Triple Seal Bag

Also known as a flat pouch, the 3-side seal is a pre-made alternative to form and seal packaging. Available in a wide variety of barrier laminates, this convenient packaging format comes with 3 sides sealed and one open end for filling and is the ideal choice for brands and retailers for preserving their products freshness. 3-side seal pouches are the format of choice for point of sales packaging, single serve, on the go snacks or tester size products. Available with a range of customizable features such as resealable zippers, easy open tear notches and hanging holes, the versatility of this format expands to mimic the functionality of a multi-use pouch.